Using a website to generate leads

Posted by on Jul 16, 2006

The Challenge

Right now we are being challenged to find a unique way to generate sales leads for a company in a highly competitive industry. While many websites exist for creating awareness or sales, this website will provide value by bringing in a high volume of interested customers for the sales team to contact directly.

What Works

To find a solution, we’re examining our past experiences in lead development. For an ecommerce site, we had to create a membership system to make ordering easier on repeat customers. We also wanted to keep prices on the site less available to the competition, so we would only show them to members of the site. Competitors would still be able to sign up to see prices, but we weren’t going to make it easy for them! We would have the ability to delete any fake accounts that came in, or accounts from known competitors.

After a little time, we had some orders coming in, but we had at least 3 times as many people signing up as members, just to see the prices on the site. We now had a database full of people who were interested in exactly what we were selling, who were already familiar with us, and who had voluntarily given us their contact information!

To better use this database, we expanded the membership section of the site control panel so our client could add their own notes on each site member, and easily get a list of everyone in the database.

Each lead can be contacted by our client’s sales team, kept track of with personal attention, or we can even reach all of them at once with a monthly newsletter.

The Lesson

This experience tells us that the easiest way to get leads is not to simply ask for permission to sell to a customer, but to offer them something in return for their interest. By providing free information or services that only our customers would want, we are in return getting a list of exactly who we are trying to reach, making life much easier on our sales staff!

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