About Digital Greenlight

In 2004 Carl Beckelheimer founded Digital Greenlight to help new businesses get online with their first website. We have a special knack for explaining technical topics to non-technical folks, and we love it when we can help someone understand all the great things a website can do for them.

We quickly found that once someone has a website, the first thing they want is more traffic. So we started learning the best ways to promote and get a website out there. We also noticed our clients would sometimes call with an unusual computer issue or internet question, so we became dedicated to helping our clients solve those little bumps in the road with as little stress and waiting as possible.

Although we have worked with businesses all over the world, we value starting our relationships with a face to face meeting so many of our clients are near Richmond, VA.

We want you to embrace the internet and we're happy to teach you how. We're smart, we'll make you look good, and we'll help you become more profitable. In a pinch you'll be happy you have us to turn to.